Sunrise Kayak in Xochimilco

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Duration: 6 hrs

Cancel free of charge up to 24 hrs before the event

Important message: Due to logistical issues, we cannot accept reservations 24 hours before the experience. Purchases made 24 hours before the experience will be automatically canceled.

Location: C. Dalia 22, San Esteban, Xochimilco, 16080 Mexico City, CDMX


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Our tour begins early in the morning (4:30 am) to allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the sunrise in Xochimilco. You will paddle in your own kayaks, surrounded by the tranquility and nature of the canals. Along the way, our expert guide will share fascinating stories about the local culture and provide information about the flora and fauna around you.

We will reach a lagoon where you can witness the sunrise in a unique way, a BEAUTIFUL sunrise like you've never seen before.

After the kayak journey, we will head to a beautiful chinampa, where you can enjoy a hot "cafecito de olla" and a delicious breakfast prepared with fresh ingredients harvested right there.

This experience is designed for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced kayakers. We provide all the necessary equipment, including quality kayaks and life jackets to ensure your safety and comfort during the tour.

Important message: Due to logistics, we cannot accept reservations 24 hours before the experience. Purchases made within 24 hours of the experience will be automatically canceled.

What is included?

  • Package 1: ($990) Round-trip transportation (from central areas such as Centro, Condesa, Roma, Polanco, Jardín Balbuena, Tlalpan, or Coyoacán Centro), 3-hour kayak tour, full breakfast prepared with harvest from the chinampas, bonfire
  • Package 2: ($680) 3-hour kayak tour, full breakfast prepared with harvest from the chinampas, bonfire
  • Package 3: ($480) 3-hour kayak tour

All packages include the necessary equipment and materials for the experience, including kayak, life jacket, and paddle. We guarantee that our participants will have the appropriate safety equipment.

Additional Information

  • Wear quick-drying lycra clothing, NOT denim, as you may get splashed during the kayak tour. It is recommended to bring a complete change of clothes for your comfort.
  • Dress warmly with a good jacket. For winter, we recommend bringing gloves (preferably non-slip) and a hat as the temperature drops significantly during this season. We recommend NOT wearing rain boots, plastic, or slippery shoes.
  • Bring your sunglasses, they will help you look directly at the sun when it is rising.
  • It is important to sleep well the night before, this will make you enjoy the tour much more.
  • If you arrive by car, please note that the closed parking costs $70. You must arrive at the meeting point and we will guide you to the entrance of the parking lot. Bring cash to pay for it. The capacity is limited to a maximum of 10 cars and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • For reservations with transportation: Pickup will take place between 3:25 am and 4:15 am, and we will share the real-time location of the van through a WhatsApp group that we will create with the driver for seamless coordination. Here we will confirm the exact pickup time. The groups are created the night before around 8 pm.
  • If you do not plan to choose the breakfast option, we recommend bringing a small snack that you can eat in the kayak without leaving waste, as you may feel hungry later.


  1. Start of the experience and tour through the canals
  2. Arrival at the lagoon to see the sunrise
  3. Paddle to a chinampa, where you can enjoy a hot "cafecito de olla" and a delicious breakfast prepared with fresh ingredients harvested right there.
  4. Return to the meeting point

Meeting Point

Address: C. Dalia 22, San Esteban, Xochimilco, 16080 Mexico City, CDMX

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Directions and references:

  • In front of the San Esteban Chapel

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Why Experience This?

This experience offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, learn about local culture, and enjoy a serene and beautiful environment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you will find this tour both relaxing and enriching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior kayaking experience? No prior kayaking experience is necessary. Our experiences are designed for both beginners and those with experience. Our guides will provide instructions and ensure a safe experience for everyone.

What is the tolerance time for arrival? We have a 15-minute tolerance after the agreed meeting time, after which we will proceed with the boarding.

How is transportation managed in the package with transportation? One day before your experience, we will contact you through a WhatsApp group to coordinate the pickup time. The group will include the group coordinators, the driver, and you. We do not create groups with other clients or share your information with anyone else. The assigned driver will share their real-time location for you to track. It is important to note that a 10-minute tolerance will be given from the first arrival notice. After these 10 minutes, the vehicle will depart, and participants will have to make their way to the meeting point on their own.

What is included in the breakfast? The meal includes a breakfast with sweet bread, "cafecito de olla" or tea, fruits, yogurt, honey, chia, and caramelized sesame seeds, and green chilaquiles with chicken as the main course.

Is it necessary to bring a snack if I did not purchase the breakfast package? Yes, we recommend bringing a small snack if you did not purchase the breakfast package. During the activity, it is important to maintain your energy, and an additional snack will ensure that you have a complete experience and can enjoy it to the fullest. Remember to take your waste with you at the end.

Are there parking options? Yes, closed parking costs $70. You must arrive at the meeting point, and we will guide you to the parking entrance. It has a limited capacity of 10 cars, and you must bring cash to pay for it.

Are you pet-friendly? Yes, we are pet-friendly! You can bring your furry friend with you. Remember that there is an additional cost of $290 if your dog weighs more than 10 kg.

Can children participate in the kayak tour? Yes, children from 8 to 12 years old can participate in the tour in a double kayak, accompanied by an adult, whether it is their parent or companion. Additionally, our guide will be with them throughout the tour to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone. From 13 years old onwards, they can choose to go in a double or single kayak.

What is the maximum allowed weight to participate? The maximum allowed weight is 100 kg, with an additional cost of $290 for people who exceed this limit.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation 24 hours before the experience.

Please send an email to the following address:

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Vanessa Gutierrez
Experiencia súper recomendada! El amanecer es mágico y el desayuno estaba delicioso, nos dieron a escoger entre huevito y chilaquiles. La fogata esta súper acogedora. Los guías súper al pendiente de nosotros todo el tiempo y atendiéndonos todo el tiempo.
María Diaz
Me encanto y volvería muchas veces a vivir esta experiencia, nunca había andado en kayak y me gusto un montón, fue más fácil de lo que esperaba. Ver el amanecer de esta forma sin duda le da una perspectiva distinta. Los chilaquiles estaban súper ricos y tomar cafecito enfrente de la fogata en un lugar tranquilo, es de mis cosas favoritas. ✨
Constanza Baigts
Verified purchase
Súper recomiendo esta experiencia, ¡no se la pueden perder! “Same city, different vibe”.
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